A House in The Netherlands

House Naalden

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With House Naalden, Dom Hans van der Laan aimed to compose the fundamental house with two orders of size. Wall, cella and court are represented.

This analysis is made by Hans van der Laan jr in 2019, who assisted Dom Hans van der Laan in the realisation of the house.

Two orders of size are used as a framework for the dimensions of the house.

The walls are 4 dm.

The cella is 28 dm.

The court is 200 dm.

The house can equally be analysed through its eurythmic proportions.

The two blocks for the house are:

  • a white form of 56 dm x 172 dm x 32 dm high
  • a block of 56 dm x 130 dm x 42 dm high

These two blocks have the same volume. Their consecutive lengths and widths are related as 3:4.

The position of the two blocks within the form-bank.

Hans van der Laan jr. draws House Naalden

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